Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Inter-classroom Decoration Competition 2016

Dear class,

This is to echo what I've said in class (and also emailed), regarding the inter-classroom decoration competition:

  • Class EXCO members are to lead their class in this project. 
  • Students need to submit a short write-up (less than 100 words) to explain to the judges how the class decoration is related to their class mission, goals and code of conduct. 
  • Submissions must be done by 28 January 2016 (Thursday).
Guidelines to adhere to:
  • Students are encouraged to use recycled materials to decorate their classroom. There will be no reimbursement of expenses incurred.
  • The decoration should be done in a tasteful manner i.e. there should be no offensive language, symbols or pictures used.
  • Painting of the classroom is not allowed.
  • Please take care of the equipment provided by the school. Cost of any damage done to any school property will be borne by the class.
  • Safety of the classroom should not be compromised.
  • Areas to note:
    • Classroom must be clean and neat.
    • The locker area is clean and free from clutter.
    • Class mission, goals and code of conduct (3 main focus of the year) are clearly displayed.
    • The items in the class cupboards are neatly arranged and cupboard must be free of past copies of newspaper.
    • Class Seating plan is prominently displayed at the teacher’s table.
    • Duty Roster and Cleanliness Checklist are clearly displayed.

The competition will assess students on the following:
  • Class Theme reflects their mission, goals and code of conduct. (30%)
  • Overall presentation and use of space inside the classroom (30%)
  • Creativity (10%)
  • Effort (10%)
  • Classroom Duty Roster, Checklist and Cleanliness Routine (10%)
  • Use of Recycled Material (10%) 
Judging will take place on 29 Jan 2016 (Friday) from 1 p.m. onwards. The categories of prizes to be given out for each respective level: 
Good luck and have fun! :)

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