Sunday, January 3, 2016

T1W1 Class Admin Time (040116)

Dear students,

We'll be having an exciting (if packed) day tomorrow, and because there will be many, many things you may not be able to keep track of, I shall try to leverage on this class blog to share with you some non-sensitive information:
1) A new academic year (after a long break) calls for some refamiliarisation with the good ol' school rules (yes, I'll check your attire and grooming starting tomorrow). We'll make time one of these days to have an in-class discussion to the prompt "Are school rules necessary?", but until their cessation is adopted school-wide, observing these rules would be expected of us as a responsible member of the School. Please therefore reread our Code of Conduct at (hint: see 'Useful Links' on the right hand side of this blog for a more permanent reference), for which I may do a pop quiz in class ;)
2) It's never too early to start some research on your post-secondary options, and if you're keen, you may want to consider visiting the many polytechnics and JCs for their open houses happening this week and next week. See here for the schedule and as your FT, I'm only more than happy to provide you with some education and career guidance—just send me an email or ask me in person.
3) As a newly-formed class, it is natural that we lack a sense of identity. However, fret not. Beginning from tomorrow's ice-breaker activity, we will affirm indeed if we are more alike than we are unalike. On that note, spend tonight (if you can't sleep early after all your staying-up-till-4am and whatnot) thinking about the mission statement you'd want for S3-03. These could be manifested through our class mission/motto, class goals, and class code of conduct; mull over these before going to bed. Haha.
4) If our classroom is a reflection of us, the people who inhabit it, the first thing I'd suggest we do as a class is to take individual photos to be placed all around the classroom. Please read here for the detailed instructions, and don't worry, go on and indulge on that 'selfie'—only our own classmates (and not the rest of the world) are able to access the folder containing all the photos you're going to submit. Psst . . . this will also in part be our preparation for the 2016 Classroom Decoration Competition, which could perhaps be the first achievement we can unlock as a class.

OK, that's all for now. Thanks for bearing with me and see you all tomorrow before 08:40 in the ISH!

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